This policy sets out how Future Dental Research (FDR) authors may archive copies of their work on their web pages, corporate web pages, and other subject repositories. The Future Dental Research (FDR) is an open-access license, and articles may be made available immediately under their Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License terms. If an author publishes an article under an open-access license, Future Dental Research (FDR) will encourage the author to share the record version upon publication instead of the accepted manuscript. Authors may also reuse abstract and citation information (such as title, author name, and publication dates) for their article anywhere and at any time, including social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, and Twitter, providing a link back to the article is included on the FDR website. Preferably link to or include a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) in the article's online citation information. The copy accepted by the author may be placed on the author's website and/or the author's company/institutional repository or archive. Self-archiving of the submitted copy is not subject to a lock-up period.