For individual submissions, the Editors make an initial appraisal of each manuscript. Suppose the topic and treatment seem potentially appropriate for the Future Dental Research (FDR). In that case, the manuscript is assigned to a member of the editorial board, who organizes and oversees the review process. Once the review process has been completed,  the managing editor recommends accepting, revising, or rejecting your manuscript. The Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision.

Authors must ensure that the submission is free of linguistic errors and conforms to the journal's requirements for manuscript preparation. Manuscripts that are not written in compliance with author guidelines or do not demonstrate a proficient use of the English language will not be eligible for full external peer-review process and publication. 

The authors confirm that the submission is appropriate for the journal's scope, has not been published before, even partially, and is not being considered for publication elsewhere, is prepared in conformity with the journal's publishing ethics, is approved by all co-authors, the corresponding author is authorized to handle any communication regarding the manuscript on other co-authors' behalf, complies with the journal's author guidelines regarding stylistic, bibliographic, and linguistic standards.

Editors may appoint additional reviewers, request minor or major revisions from authors, or commit a final decision about the manuscript at any point during peer review.