The use of laboratory animals in any article that is submitted to FDR must be done according to the ethics related to the use of these animals in scientific work. The FDR does not publish manuscripts that do not declare a statement about the protection of animal rights. Normally, the journal requires that a statement be declared that research has been reviewed by an institutional review board either in the material method section of the manuscript or in the acknowledgment section of the manuscript. FDR encourages authors to report the registry number of the council certification. In addition, If your manuscript is based on an in vivo experiment, the Authors should have to do it otherwise there may be a chance of rejection. When experimental animals (All live animals considered experimental when used for the study) are used, the methods section must indicate that adequate measures were taken to minimize pain or discomfort. Experiments should be carried out following the Guidelines laid down by the National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NENT) and following local laws and regulations. All studies using human or animal subjects should include an explicit statement in the Material and Methods section identifying the review and ethics committee approval for each study, if applicable. Editors reserve the right to reject papers if there is doubt as to whether appropriate procedures have been used.