Document Type : Review article


1 College of Pharmacy, Basra University, Basrah 61004, Iraq.

2 College of Dentistry, Ilam University, Ilam, Iran

3 College of Science, University of Al Qadisiyah, Al Diwaniyah 58001, AL-Qadisiyah, Iraq.


The objective of this article is to provide a thorough examination of the evolution of dental zirconia, encompassing its varieties, characteristics, uses, and methods of cementation. A thorough exploration of PubMed and Embase databases was undertaken. The inquiry was restricted to articles published in the English language. The ultimate search took place in October of 2021. Recently created monolithic Zirconia ceramics have greatly improved aesthetics and transparency. Yet, it is imperative to conduct additional in vitro and in vivo research to ascertain the material's capacity to sustain its outstanding attributes over the long term. As per the existing literature, monolithic translucent Zirconia has demonstrated encouraging outcomes and a notable rate of longevity. Therefore, this material is recommended for situations where both strength and aesthetics are required. Advancements in both the materials and techniques for cementing monolithic Zirconia have substantially improved, prompting dentists to consider using this material, particularly in situations where a conservative approach is needed. Zirconia restorations exhibited positive results, especially in the case of monolithic Zirconia crowns supported by implants and fixed dental prostheses.


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